Pen and Gwyn is the Yorkshire based brand created by illustrator and designer Nicky Mills. These unique and whimsical illustrations are created using a mixed media style of watercolour, fine liner pen and coloured pencil. Being mostly inspired by the personality and charm of animals, Pen and Gwyn has used this to create their first line of greetings cards and postcards which is available to view under ‘wholesale’ on this website.

Alongside the animal based illustrations, Pen and Gwyn also does portrait work, landscape exploration, digital art, commissions and editorial pieces which are all available to view on this website.

Selling in retailers throughout the North of England and Scottish Borders, Pen and Gwyns fledgling range is selling well. So much so that Pen and Gwyn will do their first craft fair with Craft and Flea in Hull Minster on May 11th. If all goes well Pen and Gwyn will also appear the following weekend at the Craft and Flea in Sheffield. Plus further Craft fair dates will be added to Pen and Gwyns calendar during the spring and summer months so stay tuned for those updates!

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