Hull Craft and Flea

Last weekend on Saturday 11th of May, Pen and Gwyn ventured to Hull to participate in their first craft fair of 2019.

Set in the beautiful Hull Minster, Craft and Flea had around 30 stall holders all exhibiting their wares for the lovely people of Hull to enjoy, admire and purchase. It was an amazing day, Pen and Gwyn was received wonderfully by visitors and many sales were made.

As well as the artwork, cards, postcards and framed pieces Pen and Gwyns mascot Pingu was a big hit with the crowds. Pingu the dog was the inspiration behind Pen and Gwyns name. Pingu adored all the attention, cuddles and biscuits he got. He even believes he helped make sales.

Pingu in his signature ‘I need belly rubs’ pose.

Amongst the chuckles and smiles that occurred when customers browsed Pen and Gwyns range, the Bespoke Name Art proved to be the most popular.

With each animal corresponding to each letter of the chosen name, Pen and Gwyns bespoke name art is a fun way to decorate children’s rooms, nurseries or even show a bit of love towards a family pet!

You can see which animals are used in this Pen and Gwyn postcard design.

If you are interested in ordering one for yourself or a loved one please contact Pen and Gwyn using the contact form on this website or alternatively email

A big thank you goes out to everyone who came to support not only Pen and Gwyn but the other makers and creators who exhibited at Craft and Flea. A special thank you goes to the organisers of Craft and Flea and the hard working staff of Hull Minster.

Stay tuned for more Craft Fair Dates coming soon.

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