Key Worker Charity Print!

Key Worker Charity Print for National Emergencies Trust

Amidst all this craziness right now, Pen&Gwyn have been incredibly lucky to have such wonderful followers and customers who have been keeping this small business ticking in the face of such uncertainty. There are not enough thank yous and virtual hugs to cover the gratitude Pen&Gwyn has for every order, big or small!

However, Pen&Gwyn felt helpless with regards to the bigger picture of this COVID-19 outbreak. There are hundreds of workers across the UK and across many industries who are putting their health and safety at risk to maintain as much normality as possible for us during this time. These wonderful people range from the NHS, council workers, healthcare workers, postal services, delivery drivers, farmers, shop workers, teachers, the list goes on!

Pen&Gwyn wanted to do something for those brilliant, selfless people. So Nicky created this Limited Edition ‘Key Worker’ Charity Print. It was created to help celebrate the Heroes of COVID-19 in a charming and positive way. The idea is for people to send this to the key workers in their lives as a thank you for everything they are doing; or to send to the friends and families of Key Workers so they can always remember their efforts during this time.

Key Worker Charity Print

With every sale of this print, 50% will be donated to the National Emergencies Trust ‘Coronavirus Appeal’. This is a charity endorsed by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge which seeks to support and maintain the running of local UK charities and organisations during this pandemic. More information about the wonderful work they are doing can be found below.

This Limited Edition Print is available in two sizes (A4 and A5), comes with free postage and can be gift wrapped if you are self-isolating and wish to send it directly to the recipient.

Please support our key workers and order your print now by clicking the link below!